Olde School

April 11, 2008 at 11:24 pm (awkward, coffee, haha, randomness)

Ch-ch-check out the new St. Arbucks.

I’m loving the new vintage look.

That kind of sounded like an oxymoron actually.

Only thing is this mermaid’s cleavage is sooo not covered by her hair anymore.


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Finally…some justification.

November 12, 2007 at 8:50 pm (coffee)

This popped up when I logged on today…

The science: Researchers from Rutgers University found that when sunburned mice guzzled caffeinated water and then hit the running wheel, their risk of developing skin cancer plummeted. Turns out both caffeine and cardio trigger damaged skin cells to self-destruct before they can turn cancerous. And when the two are combined, this effect isn’t just cumulative; it’s exponential. Case in point: The rodents that drank and ran had one-third as many damaged skin cells as mice that did only one or the other.

Ok so I think that tests like these on poor little Mickeys and Minnies is terrible and wrong and I don’t even know how credible this is but still… now i can tell people that I’m protecting myself from skin cancer when I drink my Starbucks. I’m not an addict. ((or so they’ll think))

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Late Night Coffee

September 8, 2007 at 10:28 pm (coffee, food, friends)


Just got home from a great night with the one and only Hayley Day. We had an awesome time at Starbucks talking about our small group that starts tomorrow over an iced vanilla chai. ((we’re leading 1st grade girls)) I’M SO EXCITED!!! aaah its going to be amazing! Anywho… after that we walked to Chipotle and ate like 4 chips and then decided we wanted Panera more. So Hayley stuffed the bag of chips in her lovely purse and we dashed across Randall Road (( not the smartest thing we’ve ever done)) and I fed my addiction and got another caffeine infused carmel latte while she had a steaming cup of soup.

I LOVE times like this. No, I love friends like this. Friends that are content to just sit in coffee shops and talk about anything and everything. Friends that you can be totally open and raw with and share everything with. It’s nice to be able to sit with someone even when the last drop of scrumptious vanilla latte ((no foam)) is gone. We could talk all day and still have hours more to talk about. It’s so funny how sometimes you can talk to someone 507 times a day and then still have more to tell and share. Times like this give me such a burst of energy. They’re like my caffeine for the soul.

Well have a great night!

and go get yourself some soul caffeine.

It works… seriously!


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So what is a caffeinated ragamuffin?

September 8, 2007 at 9:24 am (coffee, jesus)

Ragamuffins are the outcasts. The losers. The ((as Brennan Manning says)) the burnt-out, the beat up, the bedraggled. They’re the ones that Jesus chose to hang out with instead of the high and mighty, know it all, priests and other religious leaders. A ragamuffin is exactly what i want to be all my life. I never want to think that I’ve reached the zenith of my faith. I never want to tell myself that there is nothing more I can learn about my savior Jesus Christ. I will forever be constantly open and learning. I will never know it all and I will most definitely never be perfect. So therefore I am a ragamuffin. I, in no way, deserve Christ’s love and forgiveness yet I have it anyway! I am a ragamuffin.

So… a caffeinated ragamuffin…

pretty much just a ragamuffin that has quite an inhuman addiction to coffee.

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