April 24, 2008 at 2:11 pm (god, jesus)

I really can’t stand chain e-mails, but the worst are the “christian” ones.

I just got a one a few minutes that told me that if I really loved Jesus Christ then I would send this to everyone that I know. It also said that if I didn’t then I was depriving myself and something bad would undoubtedly happen to me. What’s more, it also said someone was going to go to hell because of me if I didn’t send it.

Jesus knows that I love Him. I don’t need to prove that to anybody. I would much rather proclaim my faith by going out and helping someone in need and loving on others rather than sitting at my computer forwarding emails with pictures of a very white jesus and a sheep. And no one is going to go to hell because of me because I strive to live for Christ and that includes telling others about Him.

This needs to stop. No joke.


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  1. Stephanie Gulland said,

    I completely agree with you Bekah! I do not like getting these either. Like sending an email to the masses determines whether or not you are going to heaven. Only receiving Christ as your Lord and Savior will keep you from the pits of hell! Good for you for taking a stand!!!

    Hope all is well with you!

    Love, Steph

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