February 3, 2008 at 5:58 pm (friends, fun, haha, kids, orchard valley, small groups)

I don’t really understand these things but apparently Hayley and I missed the memo that it was National Bring-Your-Webkins-to-Small-Group-Day, so in an effort to relate to our girls….

 we turned ourselves into Webkins. Haha. Beat that.



  1. emmsy said,

    now, what is a webkin?!

  2. bekah said,

    apparently it’s this little stuffed animal that has a W on one of it’s paws and you can register it online and use imaginary money to buy it imaginary food and a home and the whole 9 yards.

  3. emmsy said,

    ooh… intriguing!

  4. bekah said,

    hahaha…very popular with the young’uns.
    it’s their temporary internet addiciton until they’re old enough to have facebook or twitter or the like. =]

  5. emmsy said,

    haha! says the… young un’ to me!! (how old are you actually?!)

  6. bekah said,

    ok so maybe…I…am the young un. =]
    i’m turning 15 in a month.

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